About Julian

Personal Stylist

Hi I’m Julian Olson!
I have been a personal stylist and interior decorator for over 15 years, creating designs and looks for people and businesses in all sorts of industries. In an earlier life I was a makeup artist and costume designer for New Zealand film productions. Working on minor and major productions.

In 2010 I graduated from the university of Auckland with a Masters of Design and took the plunge starting my own business. I wanted to combine all my previous experience and combine it with my love of interior design, turning my business into this hybrid of complete design services for people and their workplaces.

Nearly a decade on and my business is only growing stronger – I guess my idea wasn’t so crazy after all!

My Story

How I Got Started

The Girl is my passion project and a business idea I developed while working through my Masters in Design.

I wanted a business that was a “one stop shop” for a business or individual that wanted to create a cohesive look across all their client facing aspects.

 The aim was to make it super easy for them to talk with just one designer and express their individuality comfortably.

My business started out small in my tiny one bedroom apartment in Auckland’s CBD and it got pretty hectic quite soon! Before I knew it my apartment was covered floor to wall in designs and mock-ups for various clients. I even shared the bed with my scrapbooks!

It was a crazy period of The Girl but one I look back at fondly.

""Julian designed my work uniforms and they look so smart and professional. The boys love wearing them and the material she chose means they don't get sweaty during the day, a big plus!"."

James Davis

"Our office was looking really drab and depressing and since we had customers in there all day, it needed to change. Julian came in and came up with a design that knocked our socks off. Now we get compliments on the daily about how nice our office is."

Tyler Shaw

What I Do

Personal Clothing, Accessories, Hair & Makeup

Your personal style is more than just a clothes you wear and the shade of lipstick.

Everyone is unique and we all have special traits that really come alive with the right colours.

Be it hair, makeup or clothing, I can design a look that works best with you and your goals.

Be it women or men, small or large businesses – everyone can look their very best with The Girl design serivices.

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