Hello and welcome to my very first design write-up! So exciting!

The Design Brief

Today I’ll be chatting about Ryze. An Auckland SEO Company that has a small team of magicians making their clients look like absolute stars in googles eyes. From what I learned from them, they look at a website and see where it is lacking in “rank factors” and also how easy it is for robots to read the site. Then they go to work shaping and molding the website with search engine optimization that propels the site to the best positions in Google. If it sounds confusing, it is and my brain freezes over when they talk about it with me.

Anyway, they wanted a company uniform that they could wear while out and about and meeting with clients. The design brief was two fold, they wanted a smart but casual shirt that they could throw over some pants and then a more formal suit that they could wear when meeting with the money men.

They said they tried a number of business attire places around Auckland and had bad experiences with everyone. From designs that didn’t reflect the company or their colours to a choice of material that was itchy and uncomfortable. That’s all par the course with design and I wasn’t feeling too stressed out until they said they needed some shirts by the end of the month. So they would mean designing and expediting an order for completed shirts within 3 weeks!

It wasn’t particularly simple trying to slip Ryze’s Auckland seo team into my diary but every day life is brimming with such little unexpected situations. I also wanted to create a good impression with these guys as I was intending to hire them! I loved the sound of ranking in Google without having to pay for Adwords and they seemed like a really onto it seo company in Auckland. Plus those lazy uniform companies that squandered Ryze’s time mired the excellent reputation of uniform designers throughout New Zealand, so that it wasn’t simply a personal mission, it had become a mission to repair our shared reputation.

Having agreed to get uniforms done by the end of the month, I first had to clear out some work I had already begun. I cleared my social calender and told my girlfriends that I’m going radio silent for the next two weeks and to arrange a girls night out when I finally reamerge cause I’ll be in dire need of some interaction!

Then I shut the curtains, ordered my groceries to be delivered to my door (thanks Countdown) and got into my pajamas. You can laugh but being comfy is how I do my greatest work, and since I’ll be pulling late nights, I want to fall asleep in my chair in appropriate clothing.

It took a week but I hammered out the most of my work way ahead of schedule. That way I was free to work on the Ryze stuff without worrying.

The Design

So the suit design was mostly easy. I started with a cut popular from Saville roll but with a slightly loser cut. The colour was going to be a dark blue that would suit a variety of different shirt colours.

The guys wanted to be able to wear different shirts so that they all wouldn’t look the same when attending meetings together.

Those designs were sent off to their tailors so that they can begin the work following a measure up with the team.

The polo shirt took a bit of work surprisingly. Well first, I decided on a polo as it was a nice balance between casual and formal and is so adaptable to many styles of pants.

I tinkered with the logo placement for aggess though. It got to the point of me printing out the logo and using the paper template to play with different placements on the shirt. I eventually left it up to the team to decide and sent them through some briefs.

Fast forward a couple of days and I got the majority of the design done and sent off to the clothing manufacturers. I decided to go with a kiwi company that said they could get atleast 3 shirts completed in one week.

One week later and I’m picking the shirts up and taking them straight to Ryze’s seo company office for a meeting with the team.

Thinking back, I shouldn’t have been so nervous! They absolutely loved the shirts and put them on in front of me! It wasn’t the greatest gratification I could receive.

The suits were still not ready at time of writing but I have been told then will be ready soon! I’ll try get some photos and include them here.

We got there!So that was the Ryze job, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park but I’m so glad I got stuck in and got the design done in time. They referred on a whole bunch of their customers to me so expect to see a lot more of these blogs coming soon!