Blog post two! It’s still little but my little blog is very slowly growing!

Today’s project diary is about Jaime and his company Pro Moving Services. They are Auckland movers specializing in household furniture moves that can be depended on 100% Jaime says that furniture movers get a bad wrap cause they are never on time or treat furniture carelessly. He started his furniture moving company to battle that negativity and provide a service that sets him apart from the others in the industry.

And of course to set him apart, he will also need a smart and comfortable uniform.

The Design Brief

Jaime was fairly concise with his requirements. He wants it black, he wants it looking smart and most importantly, he wants it made out of a material that will breath and not cause him or his boys to sweat during the day.

Furniture moving is by no means an easy job, with them having to lift heavy items of furniture and then carry them up and down stairs, through narrow doorways and whatever else the house or office may throw at em. I totally understood what he meant and the heaviest items I carry is my laundry basket to the laundromat!

Getting To Work

Part of the design brief was an emphasis on getting the shirts ready as soon as possible. The calendar was filling up for the team and they wanted to look smart and comfortable immediately! They already received the run around from 7 other company branding organisations and so they started to get desperate. They were meant to have had the uniforms two months ago! The whole project was without a doubt running behind schedule and their impatience was well warranted.

My own calendar was looking pretty full that week but I understood I had to do something quickly to get this situation sorted. I decided to put the other projects on the backburner and nail this one in one or two evenings and send them off to the clothing manufacturers that I always used for quick and speedy work.

Having cleared up my timetable I began work that evening.

I first began by researching other moving companies and taking a look at what uniforms they had. Not only to get a feel for the industry but also to see what I was up against and see how I could come up with a better design and one that encompassed the Pro Moving Services goals and point of difference.

Most companies I noticed had the usual run of the mill uniform design using a generic base shirt that comes from screen printing companies. With a logo slapped on top, the designer called it a day.

I wanted to take it a step further by setting the material type and creating a one off design. The material I chose was a polyester cotton mix that was light and breathable thanks to the mesh design, but also helped the guys to stay dry.

Of course my hands were relatively tied due to the design brief but I wanted to show off their individuality so I added a light grey stripe in the side of the shirt. What’s better, I could get a light reflective weave put into the material, making the shirts semi hi-vis! That’ll keep the boys safe while working in dangerous situations, atleast in low light conditions!

Finishing the job – Showing The Client

I ran the designs by Jaime the following after and much to my delight, he was very pleased. With the logo proud front and centre on the right breast and the grey stripe, it definitely looked pretty sharp!

All Jaime wanted to know was when he could wear them so that is Auckland furniture moving company could look smart and cool in the upcoming summer months!

I had some spare time so I personally loaded up the designs to my trusty thumb drive and delivered the files to my clothing guys so that they could get going immediately.

I hung around and watched them load up the files into their machines and set the parameters. I was very interesting but also equally confusing! Definitely not getting into that racket any time soon.

Two days later I hand delivered the very first shirt to Jaime while he was out moving a house in Birkenhead. I take it he we was excited cause he pulled the shirt on immediately!

The following week a complete set of thirty shirts was delivered to the boys and they are more than ready to represent Pro Moving Services in quality and comfy uniforms.