Another day, another design diary!
In this work diary we’re talking about JB Tiling Auckland and their tiling uniform that they wanted created.

About JB Tiling And The Job

George from JB Tiling is a professional Auckland tiler that strives to deliver the best tiled finish for his clients. With a professional finish he wants a professional uniform to reflect his company properly.

The other week he reached out explaining what he required and if I could help. He said he wanted a company uniform that looked smart but also didn’t get didn’t get dirty too quickly. So pure white or black were out as colour choices. Problem with tiling is that you are working with lots of sticky chemicals, glues and dust, so staying clean is often mission impossible. I said I’d be happy to help and that I definitely had some ideas about helping the uniforms remain clean.

I met with my client while they were tiling over on the north shore and quickly got an idea into the work they do. Loads of dust from cutting tiles on the tile saw, grinding bull noses and edges, sweeping up dusty floors and prepping them for tiles. Then came the tile installing with lots of sticky tile glue getting onto the clothes as well as the tiles.

“As much as we try to stay clean, the glue always finds a way onto our clothes,” George said. “You don’t wanna see waterproofing, that stuff is a real nightmare. Especially if you brush up against a wet wall, you aint getting that stuff off!”

The Requirements of the Tiling Uniform

George didn’t have any specific colour requirements, just something that looked good, could hide some of the dirt and included the company name and logo on it.

He said at this stage he will only be wanting some shirts and hoodies for his younger employees. They enjoyed wearing them more than traditional jerseys so he opted for those. In terms of shirts I suggested two different types of shirts for the various temperature ranges we experience in Auckland.

For cooler months, a polo shirt would work great for working comfortably and for summer, a lighter polyester mesh shirt that promoted air flow around the body.

That resonated with George a lot as he said he hates summer and how hot it is working in normal cotton shirts and loved the idea of having two different shirts.

So we got 3 different articles of clothing, luckily they would all follow the basic design except the hoodie, which would have a large logo and text on the back.

Tiling Auckland

Concepting the Tile Uniform

After the meeting was over I went back to my design studio and began mocking up different designs for George to select. I played with different colour schemes and ended up with a grey base and a coloured stripe going down the side. In terms of colour, I went with a lime green. Another colour scheme was navy blue with a contrasting text and logo design in light grey.

I carried over those designs to the three different garment choices and sent the mockups to George.

Along with the designs I talked briefly about getting the uniforms coated in Scotchguard. This magical compound helps repel dirt and make material less likely to attract dirt. It does add significant cost to the price but if you get wear the clothing for double the time, it ends up being cheaper.

It’s a Wrap!

George got back to me a couple days later and signed off on the navy design and said can he pick them up tomorrow Of course he was joking but I got right onto ordering the clothes with my supplier immediately. George wanted an initial run of 25 shirts and 15 hoodies in two different sizes.

They were ready the following week and really turned out looking great! George and his team were equally stoked with the results.